I have always felt that, even though we are all meeting up with each other and interacting in twos or threes or crowds, each of us is essentially alone. That brings up a bit of melancholy but it also makes the individual unique and therefore very important.

I started working in glass simply because it is a very seductive material. I have chosen to focus on sculpting figures. What interests me most is trying to convey the intellectual and emotional state of the individuals in my pieces, relying on subtle gestures, a turn of the head or twist of the hips, to express the figure’s state of mind. The setting or environment for these figures has been pared down to simple geometric forms. Refining the figure has absorbed much of my time. Throughout the years, I have tackled the technical challenges of increasingly larger work.  The increased scale allows for more nuance of expression in each sculpture.

Recently I began casting in metal.  The contrast between the metal and glass has been an exciting new adventure. But I believe that I will always revere glass with a sense of wonder. It holds the light, like the soul.

Lucy Lyon, New Mexico